Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado’s goal is to inspire the use of constructive problem solving in Colorado.  We aim to inspire our Colorado communities to find ways to celebrate and participate in productive problem solving in all aspects of our lives.

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We all know that our Colorado communities are pretty darn friendly, but what about when conflict emerges? Suppose that we all started to do everything we can to be genuinely decent to one another every day and to use our skills and resources to address conflict productively. How would this change our homes, workplaces, and communities?

This is what Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado is all about!  It is a civility challenge aimed at inspiring Coloradoans to solve conflicts constructively and make Colorado the most civil state in the union!  Let’s focus our intentions by making deliberate choices in how we solve conflict.  Check it out and join in!

Next Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado Planning Meeting:
Wednesday, May 7, 2014
Please join us at 11:30 AM
The Conflict Center
4140 Tejon St., Denver, 80211
Bring your own lunch – drinks and dessert provided