Are We Getting to Yes? What’s New in Conflict Resolution in Our Community?

Two years ago, Summit County Commissioners proclaimed October to be Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado. Last Spring Colorado Mountain College in Breckenridge hosted the “Talking It Out Panels.” September 30, Conflict Resolvers living and practicing in Summit took the first step toward creating a coalition that would expand awareness of programs in the area. There are 24 members, representing attorneys who mediate in the 5th Judicial District, juvenile diversion and restorative justice professionals, The Keystone Center, Advocates for Victims of Domestic Violence, representatives from the Library System and the School District. Soon we hope to add representatives from the police and the faith community.
Many suggestions for activity came out of our first meeting. Some can be implemented immediately, such as distribution of conflict resolution materials through the library system. Others are in the planning stages, for example, this winter, a panel of conflict resolution specialists will offer “Are We Getting to Yes? What’s New in Conflict Resolution in Our Community?” at Colorado Mountain College. Some ideas, such as space on a community website, are also under consideration without a specific time line.
Whatever the season, I’m delighted to be able to have played a role in creating this coalition. None of this would have been possible without the advice and support of Mary Zinn, matched by the enthusiasm of local conflict specialists.

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