Ron Ludwig is our 2017 Outstanding Advocate!

How fortunate we are to have a Ron Ludwig on our team!!  Ron has been working on Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado since 2005, the very beginning!  Ron has consistently held the vision and supported our efforts with financial guidance and assistance in reporting.  His wisdom at the monthly meetings is always thoughtful and  helps us move ahead in a timely fashion.
Ron has been with The Conflict Center since the very beginning of the organization, 1987!  Though Ron is retiring as Executive Director at The Conflict Center, after 12 years in that position, we have every hope that he will continue working with us to inspire Coloradans to solve problems constructively.
At the October 2017 meeting, Ron was presented with the 2017 Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado Outstanding Advocate AwardCongratulations to Ron and to Colorado for the contributions he generously and persistently offers!
Gratefully, the Synergizers

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