To inspire Coloradans to use constructive methods to solve problems.
We all know that our Colorado communities are pretty darn friendly, but what about when conflict emerges? Suppose that we all started to do everything we can to be genuinely decent to one another every day and to use our skills and resources to address conflict productively. How would this change our homes, workplaces, and communities? This is what Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado is all about.  It is a civility challenge aimed at inspiring Coloradans to solve, focus our intentions by making deliberate choices in how we solve conflicts constructively, making Colorado the most civil state in the union.
Each year, a dynamic volunteer group of conflict resolution advocates, restorative justice practitioners, mediators, non-profit representatives, educators, college students, elected officials, and community members gather to form a group called the Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado “Synergizers.”   We operate in a shared leadership model and each Synergizer selects their own level of involvement and the specific project(s) to which they wish to offer their time and talents.  The Denver Synergizer Team does not plan or hold events as a group (though some Synergizers may hold events themselves), rather, we provide support, materials, tools, and ideas for others to engage with productive problem solving strategies.
We aim to inspire our Colorado communities to find ways to celebrate and participate in productive problem solving in all aspects of our lives. The sky is the limit in terms of the possibilities — we rely on the creativity of everyone involved to determine the ways we support and celebrate constructive problem solving across the state.

In 2014, there were 30 events in which over 2,000 Coloradans participated. You can see on the events list, the variety of events that took place.  A click on contributors will give you a sense of the range of organizations and individuals who worked on Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado in 2013 and over the years.

Join us for  our monthly Synergizer meeting.  No obligation required, just stop by and join right in.  No experience necessary–all you need is an interest in promoting civility and productive, nonviolent problem-solving in Colorado.

We meet on the first Wednesday of each month, February through November, and look forward to your involvement.  For more information and to offer suggestions and expertise, please contact Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado at crmonthco@gmail.com.