CARY LEHER is our 2014 Outstanding Advocate

How fortunate we are to have a Statewide Outreach Coordinator who represents our campaign beautifully and encourages participation across Colorado! At the meeting yesterday, Cary was presented with the 2014 Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado Outstanding Advocate Award. Each of us present had the opportunity to tell Cary, via Skype, which of her amazing attributes we most admired. The list was very long!

Congratulations to Cary and to Colorado for the benefits she generously and persistently bestows on our communities every summer!

Gratefully, the Synergizers

Spreading Like Peanut Butter

What energy there is in Colorado for the new Power of 10 Hours campaign. Everywhere I mention it, people react with enthusiasm and start thinking about what they will do with their hours.
Cary Leher and I had a great adventure going to Steamboat Springs and Ft. Collins to meet with conflict resolvers in those communities. I am so grateful to each person who joined the conversation to explore possibilities. Can’t wait to hear about plans for October.

Last weekend, the Association for Conflict Resolution’s Spirituality Section had a retreat at Shambhala Mountain Center. What a location! What a confluence of energy! Of course, they heard all about the Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado efforts. People from various states are interested in using our model and genuinely appreciate the template we have created.

So, my hours in July have been about spreading the word like peanut butter…. goes so smoothly. Yummy.