World Peace Game book is a conversation-starter at Mackintosh Academy

Mackintosh Academy Littleton participated in the Conflict Resolution Month’s celebrations with their community and staff in October – December community and staff conversations. Middle School staff (5th-8th) grade teachers either read or watched the documentaries on World Peace and Other 4th-Grade Achievements. We invited parents also to read or watch the documentaries. Discussions then ensued on how we could easily implement practices that John Hunter included in his classroom simulations on world peace. We particularly were interested in allowing for the space and time for students to be uncomfortable in the messiness of not having the answers and solving conflict without adult “helicopter” interactions. We also have decided to pair up with a fellow Colorado educator, Tari Ste. Marie from The Logan School, to share what she has learned from being able to attend multiple workshops led by John Hunter and how she has incorporated his practices within her 5th grade classrooms.