2017 Book Selection: Difficult Conversations

Each year, Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado recommends a book for the community at large with the goals of spreading information and encouraging conversation on ways to manage conflicts at all levels of society. This year’s selection deals with difficult conversations, an aspect of conflict resolution that frequently occurs because these complex interactions take place not only in the workplace, schools, and congregations, but in our private lives from the supermarket to our homes. We are challenged everyday with navigating difficult conversations which influence how our relationships are strengthened or weakened, how we interact with the world, and how we understand our own communication abilities.

Difficult Conversations “explores what it is that makes conversations difficult, why we avoid them, and why we often handle them badly.” (p. 8). Often, we think of difficult conversations as asking your boss for a raise, telling your significant other you’re unhappy in the relationship, or telling your child that they are changing schools. Difficult conversations encompass many other interactions. These might include asking your coworker to refill the paper tray after it’s empty, telling your child they can’t play outside after dark, or explaining to your partner why you want to spend the night in.

Join us for a book discussion led by Diane Felt, a Conflict Resolution Month Synergizer. The book discussion will be held on October 17, 2017, 7:00 p.m. at The Conflict Center, 4140 Tejon St., Denver. Light refreshments will be served.


Power of 10 Hours

Welcome to our new Power of 10 Hours story page. In the coming weeks and months, this page will be filled with stories of how people, like you, are changing Colorado by investing 10 short hours to promote healthy conflict resolution skills. Check out our new Home page and the full Power of 10 Hour announcement. Are you wondering what to do with 10 hours? Be creative! Engage your friends and family in practical problem solving skills. Read “World Peace and Other 4th Grade Achievements. Contact your local and state representatives and ask them to support October is Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado. Many more ideas are listed on the Power of 10 Hour announcement page on this website.

Then, once you have exercised those powerful, Colorado changing 10 hours, let us know what you did, what happened, how it felt, and when you are going to do it again. Share your story with the rest of us and be part of the movement that is inspiring Coloradans to be the most civil state in the union.

We look forward to hearing from you.