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Talking It Out: Getting to Agreement is a unique photo and story exhibit that features Coloradans working together to solve problems. The exhibit illustrates seven stories of people and communities that have made a choice to solve their problems constructively. It gives evidence of the changes that can be made when we deliberately choose collaborative conflict resolution methods.

The exhibit was first displayed at the Colorado State Capitol in October of 2012.  Since then it has been displayed at various municipal and county buildings, libraries, university campuses and other sites across the state.  Through activities and programs related to the exhibit, hosts have increased public awareness about constructive conflict management and its many benefits.  

The stories offer possibilities and options for every person and group to consider for bringing more civility to the disputes they encounter. Communities and organizations in Colorado are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to display this free exhibit.

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The exhibit is owned by The Conflict Center with specific intent to be used by Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado.  It was created by Zinn Mediation Associates and was designed by Richard and Michele Steckel of The Milestones Project.

Please contact Jordan Courtner at if you have any questions.