2017 Book Selection: Difficult Conversations

Each year, Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado recommends a book for the community at large with the goals of spreading information and encouraging conversation on ways to manage conflicts at all levels of society. This year’s selection deals with difficult conversations, an aspect of conflict resolution that frequently occurs because these complex interactions take place not only in the workplace, schools, and congregations, but in our private lives from the supermarket to our homes. We are challenged everyday with navigating difficult conversations which influence how our relationships are strengthened or weakened, how we interact with the world, and how we understand our own communication abilities.

Difficult Conversations “explores what it is that makes conversations difficult, why we avoid them, and why we often handle them badly.” (p. 8). Often, we think of difficult conversations as asking your boss for a raise, telling your significant other you’re unhappy in the relationship, or telling your child that they are changing schools. Difficult conversations encompass many other interactions. These might include asking your coworker to refill the paper tray after it’s empty, telling your child they can’t play outside after dark, or explaining to your partner why you want to spend the night in.

Join us for a book discussion led by Diane Felt, a Conflict Resolution Month Synergizer. The book discussion will be held on October 17, 2017, 7:00 p.m. at The Conflict Center, 4140 Tejon St., Denver. Light refreshments will be served.


2016 Book Selection: Forgiving Others, Forgiving Ourselves

Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado is excited that Forgiving Others, Forgiving Ourselves is the book selected for the 2016 campaign.  Authors Myra Warren Isenhart, PhD and Michael Spangle, PhD are from right here in our own state of Colorado and we are proud that they are doing such compelling work toward productive problem solving.  Check out the book description from Amazon.com below and order your copy today!

Forgiving Others“We have both witnessed the power of forgiveness as well as the devastating sense of loss that comes from withholding forgiveness. We invite you to journey with us as we explore all the dimensions of forgiveness, learning how to apply this gift to yourself and your life, as well as using it to guide others toward a happier, more peaceful existence.”
–from the Introduction

Everyone seeks forgiveness at some point in their lives―in families, from friends, in workplaces, in communities or from ourselves―but we often falter when we discover the practice takes more than simply saying or hearing “I forgive you.”

In this dynamic look at the process of forgiveness, conflict resolution experts Myra Warren Isenhart and Michael Spangle look at what is really keeping you from forgiving or seeking forgiveness. In addition to focusing on the soulful benefits of forgiveness, they also draw on insights from many fields―communication, psychology, counseling and theology, as well as their own original research―to explore the mental and emotional barriers in your path.

Learn how to:

  • Make distinctions between forgiveness, apology and reconciliation
  • Identify the conditions that make reconciliation appropriate or inappropriate
  • Understand the elements of an effective apology
  • Extend forgiveness to yourself
  • Assist others in their own forgiveness journey