Ron Ludwig is our 2017 Outstanding Advocate!

How fortunate we are to have a Ron Ludwig on our team!!  Ron has been working on Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado since 2005, the very beginning!  Ron has consistently held the vision and supported our efforts with financial guidance and assistance in reporting.  His wisdom at the monthly meetings is always thoughtful and  helps us move ahead in a timely fashion.
Ron has been with The Conflict Center since the very beginning of the organization, 1987!  Though Ron is retiring as Executive Director at The Conflict Center, after 12 years in that position, we have every hope that he will continue working with us to inspire Coloradans to solve problems constructively.
At the October 2017 meeting, Ron was presented with the 2017 Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado Outstanding Advocate AwardCongratulations to Ron and to Colorado for the contributions he generously and persistently offers!
Gratefully, the Synergizers

Sticking Points: 2015 Book Selection!

This year’s Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado book selection is Sticking Points: How to Get 4 Generations Working Together in the 12 Places They Come Apart by Haydn Shaw.
Sticking Points image
 This book is a timely and relevant work because it addresses areas in which conflict between generations frequently occurs.  At this point in history there are four generations in the workforce, and this is a condition that is not expected to change soon because as the last Traditionalists retire, the as-yet-unnamed post-Millennial generation will begin its tenure in the workforce.  Although the book focuses on issues that arise in the workplace, it quickly becomes apparent that these sticking points also appear in a variety of settings including home, school, neighborhood, congregation, or civic group.
Haydn Shaw uses “ghost stories” of each generation – discussion of pivotal events that shaped each generation’s perspectives – to build a foundation of shared understanding that provides useful points for reflection and discussion.  Shaw also presents a five-step process for working through generational sticking points and developing solutions that are mutually acceptable across the different generations. Sticking Points provides better understanding of the reasons behind the generational divides and teaches ways to improve communication across generations and build stronger relationships anywhere the different generations interact.  Sticking Points is available at libraries, local bookstores, and on  There is also a Kindle version available.

Global Colorado at DIA

Global Colorado: We’re All Here is a photographic exhibit celebrating Colorado’s growing diversity and the accepting nature of its’ population.
The exhibit features 104 images representing over 30 nations with all the children under the age of 18 living in the State. A focus is on the shared developmental moments in their lives like, having a best friend, siblings and learning a skill.

The Milestones Project ( 720 299 3434) produced the exhibit which is on display along Concourse A after security and at the Y junction.

cityWILD Conflict Resolution

I am excited to share that I spent some of my 10 hours for Conflict Resolution Month creating a new conflict resolution curriculum component for our youth development program at cityWILD!

As part of our program students work on building their outdoor skills. To track the skills they have learned, we have a tiered system. Students can “level up” from basic to intermediate to advanced in a variety of outdoor skills. For example, if students are interested in rock climbing, they first earn a rock climbing “basic” that shows that they have the basic knowledge and skills to move on to intermediate climbing. They then earn their intermediate and ultimately their advanced, with the skill level and knowledge increasing at each level.

I duplicated that model this month and created a Conflict Resolution Basic and Intermediate that students can earn along with their outdoor skills. The basic checkoff card looks like this:

Conflict Resolution Basic

We’ll be adding a Conflict Resolution Advanced soon and hope to have all of our participating students earn their levels in Conflict Resolution this year!