Ombuds Day

Ombuds Day
Date(s) - 10/11/2018
All Day



The American Bar Association Dispute Resolution Section has declared the second Thursday of October as Ombuds Day! The inaugural celebration will take place on October 11, 2018.

Ombuds Day occurs during Conflict Resolution Month and a week before the ABA’s Mediation Week. Ombuds Offices throughout the State of Colorado may host Ombuds Day events. There will also be an informative celebration at the ABA Headquarters in Washington D.C.

Ombuds Day is inclusive of all types of ombuds, ombudsmen, and ombudspersons. Ombuds work in and with all types of institutions, including governments, colleges and universities, corporations, nonprofits, hospitals, and news organizations. There are many variations or “types” of ombuds practices, but many share the characteristics of impartiality, independence, confidentiality and informality. The ABA Dispute Resolution Section Ombuds Committee encourages the use of ombuds programs in all conflict management systems. Ombuds programs provide a safe place to raise issues early and without fear of retaliation. This in turn enhances governance, ethics, and risk management strategies, contributing to the overall well-being and functionality of public and private organizations, governments and the public.

Ombuds Day Toolkit: Ombuds Day Toolkit The Toolkit provides articles, resources, case examples, marketing and outreach materials, social media materials, proclamations, press releases, ideas for celebrations and more.


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