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Mary Zinn

Cell Phone: 303-903-7262 Website: Zinn Mediation

Biographical Info

Mary Zinn has twenty-five years in the Dispute Resolution field as a practitioner, trainer, and curriculum designer. She has presented hundreds of hours teaching conflict and anger management, facilitating and mediating.

Ms. Zinn promotes October as Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado and co-produces a Conflict Resolution radio program on KGNU, Denver/Boulder, Colorado.
She envisioned and produced Talking It Out: Getting to Agreement, a unique photo and story exhibit which opened in 2012 at the Colorado State Capitol and continually travels throughout Colorado.

Ms. Zinn believes that conflicts present opportunities for creativity and collaboration. She practices her skills daily and educates others so that each of us is positioned to improve conditions and relationships in our personal life and community.

Mary is available to speak on the following topics:

  • A Few Basics: Winning Conflict Management Skills
  • Successful Communications in Conflict
  • Peaceful Parenting: Discipline as Education
  • Bringing Peace to Your Self: Interpersonal Skill Building
  • Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado
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